Radio Voice Canada CMR 101.3 FM

In his trademark wit and humor, that combines with a breadth of poetry, ghazals and shayari Jatin has been the voice behind Radio Voice since 2006. His weighty, baritone voice delights the audience with spontaneous humor that also manages to convey positive and meaningful life messages.

Both Jatin’s words and his voice resonates with listeners as he understands and connects with them and their mood in such a way that it becomes impossible to switch off the radio. Listeners love his presentation and humourous ” sixers” during the live conversations. In his past, Jatin is an accomplished author who has written science fiction books such as “Prayog Sathe Preet” and “Vigyan Kavyo” as well as written scripts for various TV programs including hosting them. He  has also hosted Gujarati TV programmes on Rogers TV in canada. He has written various columns in newspapers that include the topics of  Film,Sports, Science  and Humor. Jatin was associated as a writer of the “science talks” on Akashwani.

It is rare to connect so many varying aspects ( Radio, TV and NewsPaper)  as he has done so eloquently – and as a result, at the rare intersection of wit, humor, life wisdom, and even science you will find, our very own Jatin Thakkar!

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